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@Evleaks: Here’s the Lock Screen Wallpaper for the Galaxy Note 3

Man what a beautiful wallpaper. Check it out in the main article.

Besides that wallpaper I’m definitely downloading after posting this, check out the specs of this note 3. Man, makes me wish I had waited to upgrade. Excited to check out more reviews on this phone as well as four out what galaxy gear really has in store for us. September 4th is only a few days away.

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Apple Launches iPhone Trade-in Program,24085.html#xtor=RSS-980

This is all marketing. The key word in the article is contract. In order to participate you must resign your contract. See apple is making their money back just by getting you to sign another contract.  Not only that. They’re got you back on an apple product. It’s a good program if you’re sticking with apple.

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Microsoft, Google team up to sue federal government over NSA spying

I think this prism situation has been blown out of proportion. I highly doubt the government’s ever gone through in Email. I do believe they are in the right to request specific information on certain individuals. But this type of stuff needs to be disclosed to the public. I feel like the companies involved are the ones taking the fall while the govemment probably forced that info out of them.  So Microsoft and GOOGLE should be able to explain to it’s users what really happened or is happening.

Just my opinion on the subject.

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Late Night Thoughts

It’s late and I’m having trouble going sleep. Thoughts are always racing. Trying to figure out if there is anything I forgot to accomplish today. I always feel like I forgot something. With what I feel like is a million things going on it’s hard to organize it all in my head.

I’m exhausted. My body and mind are tired. I can’t complain, we all have to work. That’s just life. What is that supposed to mean exactly?

Now I’m arguing with myself. I must be tired. Really though, why do we just accept things the way they are? Why not go against the grain and question things? Going on like this everyday, waking up to the same routine, over and over. It brings up a valid point.


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Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Specs Leak Again; 10 Hours of Battery, 1GB of RAM, 4MP Camera, 8GB/16GB of Storage and More

I’m totally excited about the idea of smart watches. What’s currently available on the market I’m not so stoked about. Current smart watches are really an extension of your phone. If I need access to a notification I can pull my phone out. I’m not that lazy.

It appears though that all this is going to change this year. Samsung’s galaxy gear smart watch aims to be more than just an extension of your device.  How much more, we won’t know until the announcement. But with specs like 1gb of RAM, 4mp camera and up to 16gb of storage, you have to imagine that it’s going to do more than just handle notifications.

Based on the specs alone I would pay $100  for this.  That seems reasonable. What are your thoughts on a smart watch?

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Dropbox Teams Up With Samsung

Dropbox Gives Samsung Phones 50GB free

Samsung Confirms All Canadian Carriers Will Opt Into 50GB Dropbox Offer

I’m a believer in rooting your Android device and installing custom ROMS that enhance your phones usability. Usually just installing CyanogenMod or other ROMS similar to it. I’ve recently decided that I really like TouchWiz on my AT&T Galaxy S4. I’m sure there plenty of people out there that would disagree with that opinion. I am running a slightly modded version of Samsungs Home replacement.

By now you’re probably wondering what Dropbox has to do with this post. Well I’ve had my GS4 since the first day ATT launched it. Got it Saturday April 26th. This phone did not come preinstalled with Dropbox like the international version did. If other ATT GS4’s came with it preinstalled lucky them, mine most certainly did not. This is important because Dropbox teamed up with Samsung to provide certain Samsung devices like the GS4 with 48GB of free storage for 2 years. Now one of the contingencies was that Carriers had to approve of participating in this. ATT along with Verizon declined participating in this. This sucked for me because im a huge Dropbox user.

A few days ago I had to replace my cracked screen. Got my phone, rooted it and installed a TouchWiz based ROM. This ROM is different from all others I’ve had on this phone. Its an international version. So no different then before I logged into dropbox, but this time it was already installed. All I had to do was log in. BAM! 48GB free of storage.

Am I cheating them? Oh well. Ill enjoy that free storage and probably upgrade at the end. Unless Google starts to sync photos to my desktop.


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Facebook adds shared photo albums for collaborative memory making

If you don’t already know, I’m not a big fan of Facebook.  Mainly because of the privacy issues as well as the ridiculous amount of useless games and ads that come along with them. I can’t really complain about the privacy issues with the Prism debacle.  Over all I just don’t like the experience on facebook.  and this new feature hasn’t changed my mind. Just thought someone else may enjoy it

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