Tax Free Weekend To End in NC?

05 Aug

I keep hearing from customers and coworkers that North Carolina will no longer be having a Tax Free weekend. I’ve been so busy dealing with hiring, training and making sure to make my personal goals, that I’ve had no time for reading the news. I haven’t even been able to write anything on my blog. My body is sore from the 60+ hour work weeks. My mental state is stressed almost to it’s limit as I’m being pulled in every different direction. I have to maintain sales goals for the store, myself and help anyone struggling as well as a million other things. So my social life has reluctantly been put on hold. I would love to say that the break from socializing was awesome and relaxing, but it wasn’t and I miss the interaction. Back to the topic of the last horrah for Tax Free weekend in North Carolina.

So the vote is in and the tax overhaul has eliminated a shopping “holiday” second only to the Christmas shopping season. What a sad day for all the retail managers out there that will be taking a huge pay cut because if this. Now I don’t know all of the details, so excuse me if I’m a little ignorant. I am very frustrated that they would do this. I’m not allowed to release exact numbers for obvious reasons. On a regular weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) we do around 15k in sales. Where as on a tax free week end we would do closer to 50k in sales. The state will miss out initially on the sales, however they will more than make that money back by taxing the companies in their profits as well as commission based sales people like me!

So what are they really trying to accomplish here?

This is one of the main reasons I choose not to reside on either side if the political spectrum. Each party finds a way to piss me off.

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