S4 > Moto X

06 Aug

Google wants to get away from comparing specs of different phones. This explains the lackluster specs of the Moto X. I’ve watched video reviews of the phone and there only one thing that I like about the phone. The shape! That’s it. Besides the feel and look of the phone they’re nothing I see that would have Mr switching away from my S4.

This make me happy. I still feel like I have the best phone in the market. 4 months running, how rare. This S4 had been amazing! Yes I have a cracked screen, but that’s because you should put keys and phone in same pocket. Caveman move right there. Just 5 minutes ago the phone fell off my lap and onto my sock room floor. It slid about 3 feet on rough grip paint that covers the floor. Still I don’t have a single scratch on the screen.

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