Why I Don’t Listen To The Radio

06 Aug

Yesterday I read something. Forgive me because I’ve forgotten where I read it. It described a time when people read the newspaper daily. When people paid pennies to consume data. Those days aren’t gone, not quite. This article change my perception of the world around me now and forever more. My interpretation of what it explained is simple. Everything goes back to marketing. People pay a small amount to purchase a new paper. The newspaper company isn’t making a profit from selling the paper directly. They are making money from advertising. No this isn’t a shocker or something I didn’t already know. However, like all good articles it got me thinking.

There is a lot of good music so being made. Yet it rarely hits the mainstream media. Why is it that we constantly get fed music from the same players in the game over and over again. Yeah Kayne has good music but every thing he releases isn’t good enough to be on the radio. I get it though now. People have become accustomed to hearing these people and they have a big fan base. This leads to more listeners which is where radio companies make all their money. So it makes sense that radio companies aren’t playing some of the greatest music to be made. Soon to be classic hits are no longer going to be discovered on the radio, but on the web by searching and joining communities.

Nothing really new here, just how I perceive radio. I think I’ll continue to download the music I like and listen to it on my iPod.

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