AT&T… Those bastards!

08 Aug

I’m pretty sure I pay my phone bill each month. My plan includes 3GB of data. Yet AT&T blocks my use of Google hangouts video chat. I’m confused. You’re already capping my data and now you’re going to tell me how I can use it too? This is unacceptable.

It’s OK, I’ve already fixed the problem in just over a minutes time. Latest I will pay how to enable video calling on att. Yep they aren’t going to restrict me.


Posted by on August 8, 2013 in Rants, Tech


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2 responses to “AT&T… Those bastards!

  1. Robert Goddard

    August 8, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Simple enough to get around this…. CyanogenMod

    • AndroidNurd

      August 8, 2013 at 1:17 pm

      I got away from cyanogen it was always having issues. But I am rooted and currently running Infamous S4 GE


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