How To Get Google Hangouts Working On AT&T

09 Aug

I’m a retail store manager. Is the back to school shopping season. For this reason I’m working a crazy amount of hours. If my son doesn’t see me for more than a day he starts to act up. Google Hangouts is awesome in that it allows my son and I to talk face to face. This is a way better form of communication then just a phone call. Switching from Sprint to AT&T has stopped this process. For some reason even though You pay for a 3GB data plan they block Google Hangouts. As if they have any right to tell you what applications you can use on your phone. Sorry that’s a rant I’ve already discussed.


1: You must have a rooted android device
2: Have Google Hangouts already installed
3: Install ES File Explorer from Play Store
4: Install aSQLiteManager from Play Store
5: Using ES File Explorer navigate to “/Data/Data/”
6: Copy gservices.db and paste into your download folder
7: Open gservices.db using aSQLiteManager
8: Click on the “main” table
9: Click the box named DATA
10: using PgUp & PgDn find “gtalk_vc_wifi_only” (it will be near the last page”
11: Click on edit and change value to false
12: Save and user ES File Explorer to copy and paste gservices back to it’s original location.
13: reboot and enjoy!

Hope this helps!

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