Time Warner Makes Me Angry

09 Aug

According to my psychologist no one can MAKE me feel any certain way. That based off of my past events will lead me to have thoughts which then turn to feelings. While all that has truth in it I just want to blame someone else for how I feel. Time Warner just pissed me off!

Let me start at the beginning. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. When moving into my new house I set up an appointment to have TW come out and install cable. My first mistake was to call while I was driving and in a hurry. I just wanted internet and the lady kept pushing for me to get cable tv and phone bundled. Finally I just said do it and I’ll change it later I’m in a hurry.

A few days before they came out I called and explained how I just needed internet. They switched it on my account and then said they would have to reschedule my current date of installment. WTF? I was heated. Finally I agreed after a few words of unhappiness and complaints.

Their visit was on a Saturday afternoon. I was working and it was extremely busy. My wife called to tell me they were having issues installing internet. They were able to get it working in my son’s room, but no where else. The man said he could have his boss come out and look at it. That would take 7-10 business days. I said well just cancel our account I’m tired of waiting for internet. So the man leaves, I call time Warner. The lady says they can hook it up temporarily in my sons room and have it fixed within a week. OK I can deal with that. She calls the tech who is sitting outside my house still. But he can’t install it now, it had to be rescheduled. Why? He’s still there he spent all of ten minutes at the house! So now I have to wait even longer.

Finally I get it installed. Finally I have internet! Then I get the bill. Before I opened it I had half the mind to pay it late since there was no urgency to get me service. I look at my bill and it is $98! I have the $35 a month plan. $34.99 + $5 for the modem. And a one time install fee. OK that’s fine…. But then I see a $9.99 “turbo boost” fee added…. Oh I’m pissed now! I do another speed test; I’m supposed to be getting 15mbps download speed. I’m barely getting 6-7mbps. If this is the speed I get with turbo then their service is shit. I’m refusing to pay for anything I did not explicitly ask for. Time Warner is totally trying to rip me off. I’m sure they’re doing it to all their other customers as well. Their either going to credit my account as well as make sure I’m receiving the same amount of speed or they’re going to have to take the equipment back.

Don’t get punked by these big corporations. Check your bills and make sure you’re only being charged with what you asked for. OK now I feel a little better. Thanks for the cheap therapy.

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