Call of Duty Lost My Business

12 Aug

Like Activision actually cares who they piss off. They’re going to rake in millions on their next release. I will not be giving them a dime of my money. The only way I end up with the game is if someone gifts it to me. Even then I will attempt to return it for a different game. I’m sure you can tell I’m very dissatisfied with the game. Not because of glitches or anything to do with game play really. All because I got put on probation! WTF kind of crap is that? so here is exactly what happened.

Tonight while playing I was in a game having a good ol’time making little kids mad. Got an invite from a friend in the middle of a game, so I joined. We play Hardcore and in one of the game following I got kicked because of killing my teammates with an air strike. Then we get jumped into a game with a crappy connection and had to back out because it won’t pick a new host. Finally during a game we get booted and sent back to the lobby. Apparently the game lost connection to the host. Now I’m on probation and have to wait 5 minutes to play again. Got kicked and on probation again. I can’t let anything happen or I get our bank on probation. I’ve been trying to play all fucking night and nothing! What a crappy night. Drink up!

I totally understand why this feature -if you can call it that- is here. I hate people quitting out of the game leaving the rest to fend for ourselves. There has to be a way of trekking if someone pressed the “Leave Game” button or if they got disconnected. Either way I paid to play and here I am two hours later and have only played two full matches.

On the positive side, it’s given me more time to consume beer.

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