Keeping A Job

02 Sep

If you want a job you need to apply at multiple places. You need yo be persistent, present yourself nicely. All of the things you should already know. What about keeping a job though?

After you’re done begging for a job. After your long search is finally complete what do you do then? YOU WORK!

Make yourself as available as possible. Show up 5 minutes early. Work hard while you’re on the clock. If you can’t find something to do, ask.

To me those are simple things that everyone should already know. Calling out, day of your shift just because you don’t want to work, that isn’t a way to keep your job. This frustrates me to know end! You act like you want a job so bad until it inconveniences you. Your friends are headed to the beach but your scheduled to work. Instead of doing the adult thing you choose to pass up an opportunity for work.

There’s so many out there begging for a job. I’m not going to keep around people who can’t hustle. This is just my advice. Work hard now so later you won’t have to.

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