Would You Buy The Samsung Galaxy Gear?

05 Sep

With an October release date for the US developers are putting together a decent set of apps for the new Galaxy Gear SmartWatch. This is all exciting for techs, geeks, nerds and anyone looking for something new. Stop for a second…

Let the adrenaline rush you get from spending money and making a purchase subdue. Mull it over a few minutes. It’s a smart watch. It extends the ability to use your phone without having to touch it. (That just sounds lazy) What is something like this worth to you? How would you use a device like this in your daily life?

For me its not a need. However, it would make my job and my life a little easier. I’m extremely forgetful, so i use note taking apps combined with location based alarms to help remember things. I’m also a procrastinator. To the extreme. So that pesky, annoying reminder helps push me to get things done. A watch like this would just enhance my productivity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of an idea to write about, but then couldn’t remember what it was later.

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