The Day That Was Burned Into Me

12 Sep

My room was still dark when my alarm went off. That annoying alarm that I just wanted to throw across the room because the snooze didn’t last long enough. I wasn’t ready to get up. I stretched. Put on my Walkman, yep mp3 players didn’t exist yet. If they did, I had never heard of one. I laid there just listening to my country music. It was a secret pleasure, my love of country music. Growing up in San Fransisco it wasn’t “cool” to listen to country music. So I usually listened to rap/r&b or rock. The ignorance of that time for me…

The day hadn’t started quite yet for me, but as I listened to the music I was planning out my day as I always did. Thinking of any homework I still hadn’t finished. Excited for football after school. With that last thought I was ready to get up and begin my daily routine.

As I walked to my bathroom the music suddenly cut off. Little did I know my perception of the world was about to change forever. My only care in the world, my only passion was football. I paid no attention to world events; I didn’t watch the news. I swear I could hear my heart in my head; my eyes pulsed with every beat as the radio DJ began to try to explain what was going on.

Was the US under attack? How am I going to protect myself, I don’t even own a gun? What’s really going on?

I immediately turned the TV on. Every TV station was covering what was going on in NewYork. As I watched in complete shock I saw a second plane crash into the tower. It was like a movie to me. I sat comfortably while those in the twin towers fought for their lives. I couldn’t for one moment imagine what those people were going through.

This is a day burned into my mind. Forever etched into my mind. I will not forget.

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