“American” Isn’t A Race Or Color of Skin

16 Sep

This is just ridiculous. It doesn’t even make any sense. Nina Dalvuluri is the first winner of Miss America to be of Indian decent. Why is this even bring made a thing? People have been tweeting ridiculously ignorant things on the topic. Can’t believe their twitter accounts are even their real name. Here are a few, most have deleted their accounts already.




What does India even have to do with 9/11? My family came here about 180 years ago. They moved from Europe to here. Like every other white “American” did. If you aren’t native American then technically speaking you aren’t american.

This is where I think people are wrong or maybe they just don’t think. Being american isn’t a race or a color of skin. It’s a way of living! Don’t allow these ignorant people to infect the rest of us. Shame them. Call them out. Check out this article for the nitty gritty on the topic.

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