I Am Me, Not Anybody Else

18 Sep

I’m not religious. I’m not superstitious. This does not make me a bad person.  You can flame me. You can ridicule me.  You can talk down to me and tell me how wrong I am. You can try to make me feel bad and pressure me to change my beliefs.  Doing all of these things shows me exactly how hypocritical you are.

I know maybe it’s weird for a guy like me who isn’t religious at all to ever go to church. Well I enjoy church and for many reasons. Church may be a place of worship and I would never disrespect that. I understand religion is an important part of life. At church though you meet good people. You make good friends. Listen to the preaching, there is so many life lessons just in that. The songs and music are enjoyable. I love music. The biggest difference is that I can go to any church and leave having learned something. I can leave happy and not leave having negative thoughts about how can they preach that.  Blah blah blah. 

I enjoy my life. I like the way I live my life. It is my life to live right? I think I’m entitled to live it the way I like. I respect your beliefs, please respect mine. And for those that have hounded me saying, “you will never be truly happy.” I say to you, I’m married to an amazing woman and have my son. I could never ask for anything more then to simply be with them.

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