Minuum, Changing The Way We Use Keyboards

21 Sep

Minuum was a kick-start business idea that so far is successful. Minuum is another keyboard for Android. It’s a crowed space in the Android platform with big names like Swiftkey and Swype. Even though swiftkey is my to go keyboard, Minuum has earned its place on my phone. Minuum solves a problem that other keyboards haven’t attempted to solve. It’s a complaint of many, and for others something they ignore because they can’t change it.  Minuum is a keyboard that lays out all the letters along a single row. It gives you more space to read what you are writing. For me this is important because I do almost all of my blogging from my phone.  Being able to read more of what I write as I write it is nice.

One of the things I like best about Minuum is that when using it I don’t have to worry about being accurate. It’s algorithms pick up what I’m trying to type better then any other keyboard I’ve used. Anyone that has ever read any post of mine, whether from Twitter to GOOGLE plus to my blog, typos are abundant for me. I rarely catch them until I’ve already posted what I wrote. I don’t have that problem with Minuum. I really encourage everyone to at least try it out. It will take a little getting used to, but I think it’s worth it.

Now for a short list of a few things I don’t like about the keyboard. Entering user names is a pain. Minuum has a full keyboard mode but it takes three steps to get to it.  I’d like an easier way to get to that full qwerty keyboard. An easier way to add words would also be nice. Like Twitter names.  it’s hard tagging others unless I expand the keyboard.  Other than that I think it’s a solid app.



You can see in the picture that I didn’t hit very many letters to correct,  but it still got the word right.

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