Samsung Asks: Why Do So Many People Wait In Line for iPhones

21 Sep

As much as I hate on Apple you got to give credit where credits due. Apple changed the game with the release of the iPhone. You can’t give them all the credit as other companies had devices well before the iPhone such as Palm and Microsoft. However, no one focused on aesthetics as much as Apple.  This forced everyone else to follow through.

Many companies, namely Samsung, seek to emulate Apple in hopes to attain the same success. So it’s no surprise that they are asking such questions and investigating. This may be frowned upon by Apple fans. This is good though. If a company like Samsung can improve their products making them better than Apple’s. Then Apple will be forced to also make theirs better. This is how we progress.  So as much as I prefer to not use Apple’s products I appreciate those who sacrifice their money and time on iOS.

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Posted by on September 21, 2013 in Rants, Tech


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