24 Sep


My alarm goes off. Like an involuntary blink of your eye I hit the snooze button. I wasn’t ready to start my day. My 3 year old comes in jumping on me. Yelling, “daddy wake up! The sun is up!” I just lay there trying not to open my eyes.

Then my wife calls for little Noah. It’s time for them to go. My son jumps on me squeezes my neck and gives me a kiss on the cheek. If time could stand still, I’d freeze that moment when he hugged me. Just to stay like that. No need to change anything. It’s a precious moment that lasts all of 5 seconds in reality, but it’s how I start my day off on the right foot. It’s why I come to work and sacrifice my time so that he can have the things he needs as well as the things he wants.


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