Today Was A Pleasant Surprise

02 Oct

You wake up each morning, hopefully, and you never know what is going to happen. Some people plan out their day carefully. Others just let it happen. Some go through years of their life living like a zombie. Not stopping to enjoy the little things. Taking everything they have for granted.

If you just stop for a few minutes to think about what’s really going on, you may be pleasantly surprised at how lucky you are. Just you reading this makes you more fortunate then half the world. Yep I pulled that percentage right out my ass, but hopefully you get the point.

Today my intentions were simple. Wake up and finish watching the last season of Revolution. Then while watching the last episode I thought I should surprise my wife with lunch.

After spending lunch time with her I decided to pick up my son early from day care. The rest of the day was awesome playing football with him to wrestling around. It was great just listening to him talk. His interpretation of the world is funny. I really enjoyed spending time with him since I work so much.

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