Reconnecting In A Small Town

04 Oct

Tonight was warm with a cool breeze. The wife and I decided to take our 3 year old for a walk down town. The Wendell Harvest Festival was going on.

When we got there, people were walking every which way. There were many, but not over crowded. My personal space was never contested. There was a live band playing on a stage with the sun barely peeking over a beautiful white colonial style house.

We walked around aimlessly at first checking out the local booths full of creative artworks. At the end one of the rows of booths was $1 tamales. I couldn’t resist getting one. The smell, the texture, the taste. With every bite it brought me back to California.

After that we stopped to check out what crazy deep fried foods they’d have this year. It’s a southern thing. Deep fried snickers, oreos, and smuckers pb&j sandwiches. Noah asked for pop corn so we got him some to snack on.

Next up was noahs favorite part of the night. There was a giant caterpillar, its body was a tunnel and at the end it was a big slide. There were a bunch of other kid friendly rides and slides. The best part was seeing Noah run crazy and have so much fun on the rides.

We couldn’t walk anywhere the entire time without running into someone we knew. It was nice getting to see old friends. With me working so much and not living in town the only way we connect is through Facebook. Google+ really isn’t picking up with my personal friends.

It was a nice night. One that I would like to have again real soon.

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