The Moments Before

05 Oct

In that moment everything that surrounds me stops. The blur, with a centered focus. Staring at a white canvas I can hear my heart beat in my head. I can feel the pulse through my eyes. It is loud, but I hear nothing. In this moment I am ready. Wiping the sweat from my hands on my jeans, I grab two slender sticks. These are my favorite. They are light, but strong and crisp. Nervous, shaking, sweating. Must clear all thoughts. Focus. In this moment I am deaf. I count out loud banging my sticks together with each count.

1…. 2…. 3….

The high is unimaginable. No drug can take you here. I can hear people cheering. My hands and feet are no longer in my control. They are fed by adrenaline and force of the crowd. They feed off each other.

This is beauty. This is the beat of the drums. The beat of life. It keeps everyone moving.


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