How To Save Battery Life Galaxy S4

10 Oct


These aren’t secrets by any means. There are many things you can do to extend any phones battery life. From keeping data and GPS to reducing screen brightness and reducing screen time-out. Most people know these things. Doing a simple Google search will show countless blogs going over the same things.

Turning off features like these is like putting your phone in a wheel chair. It’s debilitating. So how about we take a quick look into ways to increase your battery life without limiting its ability.

First up since we’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S4 it comes with a built in battery saving feature. As long as you have TouchWiz and not the Google Edition, in the notification drop down menu is a toggle titled “power saving.”

If you hold the Power Saving toggle down it will allow you to select a few options. I keep all three checked. Basically it slows CPU speed. From my experience this slows it down from 1.8ghz to 1.3ghz. This is slow enough to conserve battery life, but not enough to see a performance decrease. I’ve tried to see if I could make the phone skip a beat while on Power Saving mode and have been unsuccessful.

Besides using this built in feature of TouchWiz, there are apps that can also assist in extending battery life. My favorite app to use is Juice Defender. This app has to extend my battery the most out of any trick or tip I’ve read. Essentially it turns if he feature of your phone that drains the most battery, data connection. Not so much for 3G phones. However, lte drains battery power much more then any other connection.

What juice defender does is brilliant. It will turn your data connection off when the screen is off and then back on when you unlock your phone. It takes it one step further though. It will turn data on automatically in whatever increment of time you choose and have everything sync. So I set mine to every 30 minutes and my twitter, Google plus and any other account I have set up syncs and I don’t miss a thing.

Juice Defender turns my daily battery life from about ten hours to 16 hours depending on my screen on time. Some days I do a lot of reading on blogs or research. There’s nothing you can really do about the huge screen size of the S4 which comes with a huge battery drain. At most you could dim your screen or pick a black theme. The Samsung AMOLED screens are not the same as LCD. When the color black is used that pixel is completely turned off and not draining any battery. So I use an all black keyboard as well as an all black wallpaper. I don’t sit and stare at the wallpaper, no need for one.

I hope this helps those that are looking for extra things to do to help conserve battery. On a quick side note, for those users who are rooted check out the forum at Look for kernels that work with your phone then install an app like TricksterMod which is a governor for your cpu. This will give you better control over how your cpu uses power. This will also increase battery life. With this current kernel i have installed i can get 24 hours of use and 5 to 6 hours of screen time.


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