Themer The Android App

15 Oct


This isn’t a review… Ok it’s kind of a review. More like a, “hey check this app out. Oh btw you’re going to have to wait a week from the time you download until you can look at it just to be disappointed.”

That was a little harsh. Just let me explain. This app is awesome in theory. It completely themes your home screen. Yep, I didn’t say device, I said home screen. Many unique designs. They look great. They really do. All you have to do though is simply click your app drawer, then you’re back to your original launcher. It doesn’t theme anything other then your desktop.

All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Nova Prime is a much better platform to theme for. However, I will say that for non techy people Themer could be great. It is very easy to use and figure out. So if you’re bored you should check it out.

One catch before I end. Themer is still in beta. So you need to download the app, submit your email and in about a week you will get a code that will unlock the app. Enjoy.



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