Infinity Ward: Call of Duty Players Aren’t Hardcore Gamers

27 Oct

This couldn’t be more true! Most of my friends that I talk to are hardcore gamers. They’re in to building up PCs and they worry about fps. They talk bad about console games and talk up the benefits of using a PC. We always seem to argue over which one is better. Obviously PCs are capable of better graphics and are able to be upgraded. While with consoles you are stuck with what you have. However, companies like Microsoft have done a good job of providing a reason to use a console over a PC. For me it is my one stop shop for entertainment. I don’t have cable so I watch almost all of my movies through xbox apps like Hulu and Netflix. These are all things you can do with a PC. With my Samsung devices xbox makes it easy to stream content from my phone to my TV. This for me is a big advantage of xbox. It makes things simpler for me.

The whole point of the article is that Call of Duty Players Aren’t Hardcore gamers. That is where my friends and I part ways. I enjoy COD not because of the graphics. But because of the up tempo game play and connecting with my friends. Xbox live and match making is great. I think this is where COD makes its money. I play a lot in the evenings and this is the only game I play. As much as I agree with this article personally I’m considering switching to Battlefield. Maybe I’ll switch up the trend and get both games.,24772.html#xtor=RSS-980

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