RSS Seemingly Hacked (Or Someone Just Screwed Up Big Time)

05 Nov

Hacked for sure…


Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.57.14 AM

Whoops! Looks like someone found their way into’s CMS (or an intern pushed an old test page live.)

While it’s still not 100% clear what happened here, our tips inbox just went ablaze as people rushed to point out that something… strange was going on over at

“Weeeeeeeee,” pronounced the headline on the front page’s top story. “STUFF YO”, it detailed.

Meanwhile, breaking news alerts at the top of the page spoke of “the living dead” and Apple having announced “Sea Lion” at WWDC 2013, bumpin’ the ol’ WTF meter up a few more notches. Humorously, these were/are both totally real Fox News stories — they were just weeks old, and sans context (“World Zombie Day” being an annual zombie fan outing, “Sea Lion” being a passing gag made during an Apple announcement) were particularly nonsensical.

Despite lookin’ and smellin’ a whole lot like a hack, Fox’s twitter…

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