Watch “Migoal Transmaker: Keyboard and Tablet Dock for Galaxy S4 and S3” on YouTube

06 Nov

Check out that video!!! Cant wait for this to get released!

Basically the Transmaker is a dock for your S3 or S4. You slide your phone into the back of the tablet. This thing lacks a core as it uses everything from the phone. The Transmaker does haved a 5000mah battery to power the screen. I’m sure this will either help charge the phone. On top of all of this the Transmaker has a keyboard dock that it can snap into. The keyboard has a trackpad like a normal laptop. It also has a built in 6000mah battery. So this thing should have no problem lasting all day plus some. I have not been able to find any video of the actual software as it hasnt been released just yet.

Why would anyone want this? Well for starters I’m currently blogging via my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This afternoon Ileft to go to lunch. I wasnt quite done with this blog post but I planned to finish it at lunch using my phone. Unlucky me, I forgot and lefft my sync off on my tablet. So my blog post draft never posted. If I had the Transmaker I wouldnt have had this problem. This device will make it so that i wont need multiple devices to get things accomplished. It will all me to use all the information i have on my phone and translate that on to the tablet for a seemless experience. Its a marvelous idea, but lets see how this software actually functions with the phone and if it will actually be useful. Guess we will find out. Stay tuned as i will keep you guys posted on this product.

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