Google Hangouts Updated To Ver 2.0

07 Nov


Today Google Hangouts was updated to finally support SMS/MMS. However, it looks as though Google is controlling who actually gets the update. According to the Play Store after updating I was still on version 1.2. At first I was frustrated like many others I talked to on Google+. So I did a quick search which yeilded an APK. Here’s all the features I just updated to: 

– Animated GIFs
– Share location in conversations
– Device, in-call, mood status; share what device you are on, whethere you’re on a call or your current mood.

I’ve been using the updated app for two hours now for group chat and also texting. It seems that the app is much smoother. I’ve heard a lot of people mention how laggy the app is. Now I have never experienced extreme lag like I’ve heard described. I now notice that the app is much smoother in transitions. This may be because I just installed a new ROM this afternoon.(Liquid Smooth for the Galaxy S4)

I found the APK here —>>  Android Police

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