Xbox Could Be Dead If Elop Gets The CEO Nod | TechFaster

09 Nov

Xbox Could Be Dead If Elop Gets The CEO Nod | TechFaster

No joke! This could seriously happen! O think it’s inevitable regardless of who be ones the next CEO. This is serious news and it’s something that could hurt the sales if the Xbox One even more.

Here’s the skinny, Microsoft was a powerhouse at one point. Now it’s heading in the direction of BlackBerry. One thing in its favor though is it’s patents. These patents are said to make Microsoft over 2 billion dollars a year from the Android platform alone. At the same time other divisions like Bing and Xbox are losing $2 billion a year.

The job of the next CEO is to get Microsoft back in the black and get it’s stock back up above $50 a share. Advisors are already talking about sitting these two division of Microsoft down. So whether Elop gets the job or not the items on the chopping block remain the same.

This is aggravating as I’m close to purchasing an Xbox One. I like what they’re doing with the Kinect and the direction if the Xbox itself. I’m not a big gamer, but I do like having a single device to control everything. Isn’t that what we already do? We buy a powerful laptop so we don’t need a PC too, buy a good smartphone so we also don’t need an mp3 player? Now we can even hook up phones to a monitor and it’s a computer. This is what the Xbox One was accomplishing for me. However, if their going to shut down and stop spring this product why get it? Developers will stop producing top games and content for it.

Now I have to really rethink what to do next. Will I even get a game console or is it time to move to a nice PC for gaming…. What do you guys think?

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