Google Play Coming To Blackberry?

12 Nov


(Picture is from gizmodo but is fake)

Sorry, Blackberry confirmed this is nothing but hot air. Why not do this? There is nothing wrong with the Z10 other than the fact that it’s running blackberry’s OS. Which means that you can’t get some of the most popular apps on Android and iOS. This is a big resin why Blackberry is failing. Even in the business sector, companies are switching to Android or iOS because they can easily have better productivity tools for their business.

The solution to bring back BlackBerry is actually quite simple. You rely don’t need to pay millions of dollars to getting a new CEO to make a comeback. Just send me a $1 million for the idea. BlackBerry should look into loading Android onto their devices. Skin it, add the benefits of the BlackBerry services. It might be too late, but had they done this a long time ago, BlackBerry fanatics would have never left and got tied down with another ecosystem.

The BlackBerry Z10 is no beast of a phone compared to flagship devices like the S4 or iPhone 5s. It gets the job done with a 1.5ghz dual core processor ands had a decent 8mp camera. Nothing crazy about the phone, just solid hardware. Sometimes companies got to change with the times. Refusing to change had only hurt BlackBerry. For blackberry’s to succeed they need to accept change. I feel like I’m counseling a drug addict. Just my opinion on the topic.

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