YouTube Community Outraged Over Google+ Integration

14 Nov


Google is in hot water with the YouTube community. As with most change there will always be those who fight to keep things the same. That is exactly what the YouTube community is doing. They have started a petition on which currently has 109,972 supporters at the time of writing this. The supporters are mad that Google is forcing users of YouTube to make Google+ accounts. They go on saying that its “invading our social life” and “trying to take away our anonymous profile.” This is completely ridiculous to say. YouTube is social! Making it even more social only helps the people working hard to create content get it to more viewers. Anonymous profile? Whats anonymous about YouTube? The information you place on your profile? Nothing stops you from creating a Google+ account to use just for YouTube. No one forces anyone to put factual information on their Google+ profile. Google has a huge problem with fragmentation. This is just a step in the right direction. So while I completely disagree with the petition I don’t agree with how Google is integrating Google+ into YouTube.

Check out this video:

This video explains what exactly is going. There is nothing wrong with Google integrating it’s services into YouTube, but because of the open nature of Google+ it’s causing some serious issues for YouTubers. People are able to pay ridiculously long comments. They’re posting entire books, offensive ASCII pictures and links to potential virus infected websites. It doesn’t stop there. Because Google changed how comments are filtered, the contents getting three most interaction are spam and offensive content. Spammers just keep replying to their own content pushing it up while people who post something rude and offensive also get pushed to the top. The dumb comments nobody cares about are getting the most attention because users are defending the YouTube account.

YouTube, just like Google is a free service. No one forces anyone to use it. However, is an awesome service that works great. Users should have the ability to add input into how the site is ran. At the very least it’s their right to have an opinion and express that opinion. This is where the developers at Google nerd to figure out a way to limit the ability of users comments in YouTube. Limit the number of characters, disable links. It can’t be that hard. YouTube video makers are having to disable commenting on their videos. This is effectively stopping exactly what you are trying to encourage more of. Is doing engagement. YouTube it’s coming to a halt…. Who’s going to fix this?

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