My Favorite…. News Apps

16 Nov


I’m a huge Android fan and I love my Galaxy S4 on ATT. It’s a very powerful device that does exactly what I need. I use this device for 90% of my blogging. Here are the list of apps I use daily for my source of news.

1- Appy Geek
2- Pulse
3- CNN
4- The Verge
5- Twitter

Appy Geek and Pulse are very similar in concept. Appy Geek displays new in tiles going vertically. While Pulse has multiple rows of articles separated by website. I use Appy Geek the most because it allows me to combine all my sources of tech news into one feed. It also notifies me of any breaking news.

CNN and The Verge are self explanatory. CNN gets me my works news, which I don’t read very often. The Verge covers tech news. I find that a lot of articles I like from Appy Geek come from The Verge’s website.

Twitter is awesome for news and ideas to blog about. The way I use it is instead of just following people I create a list. So I can follow writers that I like and even news companies and pit them into lists. This list will allow me to view just their content instead of having to scroll through my entire stream.

There you go. Those are me 5 top apps I use for checking out the news. What apps do you like to use for news or even blogs? I’d love to check out the apps if you guys have any suggestions.

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