Retail Frustrations

16 Nov

Retail management during holiday shopping season can be likened to that of cleaning septic tanks. I am pretty good at this job because I can multitask. I am a salesperson at heart, but multitasking has to be my best skill. I’m having to not only maintain being the top seller, but also training, on boarding, stocking, and handling irrate customers and employee conflicts plus scheduling. It becomes a lot. On top of it all I’m working 60+ hours a week.

Right now I can handle all of that with out much problem as long as I have one thing… Two Assistant managers that I can lean on to split up some of my duties. After 6 months of searching and interviewing over 50 people for the job I just hired 2 new assistant managers last week.

Today has been crazy. Were slammed busy and what happens? One of my assistant managers didn’t show up. Wonderful. Back to doing doubles and trying to keep up my energy level. I see a lot of caffeine in my future.

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Posted by on November 16, 2013 in Rants



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