Best Buy and Sprint Teaming Up For Free Student Plan

18 Nov


Sounds like Sprint is currently running a sweet and unbeatable promotion. Best Buy and Sprint have teamed up to create a special plan for students. By special I mean Free! That’s a huge deal. The closest thing to that is…. Well, nothing.

Any student in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, or university is eligible. This plan will offer unlimited talk and text as well as 1GB data. You can purchase unlimited data for only $10 more or get billed at 1.5 cents per MB. Now the deal is only good for 12 months, but can be extended for an additional 12 per line add.

This promotion ends January 14th 2014.

So why would Sprint do this? How is this benefiting them? They’re a business and need to make money. Some how they are getting something out of this. I would think it’s through the data overages or the $10 a month data plan. Plus there’s always insurance which is a huge profit. On to of that they will steal a ton of consumers from other networks. Which then hopefully those students won’t want to pay ways with their phone and service and will get a normal plan. So I think this is an investment move. I think it’s a great deal for those who bed a phone but currently can’t afford it. This week definitely be drawing some attention. I wonder where this will go. What are your thoughts on it?

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One response to “Best Buy and Sprint Teaming Up For Free Student Plan

  1. best buy

    January 17, 2014 at 2:59 am

    Some models also come with a card reader, available upon request. Meaning, do you plan on playing computer games on the desktop computer you plan on installing the graphics card into.


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