Indianapolis Colts Defend The Trent Richardson Trade

19 Nov


While Colts fans and analysts both say this trade of Trent Richardson from the Browns to the Colts for a first round draft pick is a bust, I think otherwise. Now I’m no analyst. I don’t normal watch more then one football game a week. However, I did play football and have watched a lot of football in my life. I’m also a champion fantasy football player. So I think I’m allowed to at least comment on this situation just a little bit.

This is far from a bust! I feel like these guys are just running out of stuff to talk about. How about we talk about the Colts offensive line. They’ve allowed 23 sacks this season. That’s an average of 2 per game. Now take into consideration the number 2 receiver is now out. Teams know that the Colts are going to try to run!

I’ve watch a few Colts games this year and from what I’ve seen Trent has made decent decisions in running. He’s making the most out of what’s there. Now if the offensive line can step up and Luck can get the pressing game going with out Reggie Wayne then maybe Trent will have better opportunities.

I’m not a comes fan at all, but I think they got a steal.

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