Google Keep AND Evernote

20 Nov


I have read a few articles and seen many more writing about Google Keep vs Evernote. I think they are taking the wrong perspective on the subject. Most wrote about Evernote vs Google Keep. Evernotes only similarity to Google Keep is the fact that it takes notes. I don’t like writing long reviews, so I’ll Keep it short and simple, just like Keep.

By now many people have at least played with Keep. If you are trying to compare it to Evernote you will notice a difference in speed. Keep is such a simple app that it doesn’t require many resources. Ever need to jot something down quickly? Keep is perfect for quick notes, pictures, lists and reminders. It ties in perfectly with Google Now. Simply say in a Google Now search, “Remind me when I get to work to check schedules.” And just like that a location based reminder is set. You can also say a time or even just tomorrow. It is simple. Google Keep also has the card based UI which can be found throughout your android device.

Organizing is simple. There are 8 different colors you can change your note to. For example I use RED for banking, bills or anything dealing with money. I use BLUE for blogging and ORANGE for work. Pulling up old notes is also just as easy, you can simply search for it. A quick tip can be add in a keyword to the end of every note, but that’s not necessary.

None of this discounts Evernotes ability. Actually I’m a fan of both. Evernote is an awesome tool.  Not just for simple note taking. It’s what I would classify as a productivity tool. It has many plugins that enhance what you can do with it. Both apps are great at what they do. I definitely recommend using both. But I do lean more on Keep for daily note taking.

There are so many note taking apps in the marketplace and for every OS out there. What do you like for note taking?

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One response to “Google Keep AND Evernote

  1. sahilc0

    June 8, 2014 at 9:29 am

    You are so right!
    I used to use Keep for a long time, but I’m starting to use Evernote now, mainly for the heavy lifting stuff, things I need to remember months or years down the line.

    Like you said, I’m starting to realize that Keep is better for daily notes to tasks!


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