How To Transfer Files From Android To PC

27 Nov

I have a Galaxy S4 and a Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both I use a lot to watch videos on. One of the things I hate is how hard it is to get files from my phone to my computer or from my computer to my phone. Of course I could always use a cord. But that’s no fun!

Now there are many apps that make sending files from your phone to your PC a breeze. You can easily download ES File Explorer or WiFi File Transfer from the Google Play Store.



I like using ES File Explorer. It is a very powerful tool all around. When using the Remote Transfer feature you could set your phone to have a static IP address. Then you can easily favorite it in your browser of choice for quick access.

Static IP: is an IP address that was manually configured for a device, verses one that was assigned via a DHCP server.

The problem is that your phone won’t always have the same IP address. The solution to this would be to set your phone to a static IP address. This can be done simply:

1. go to the phones settings.
2. click on WiFi
3. hold down on the connected WiFi
4. a menu will pop up. scroll down click on “Show advanced options”
5. IP Settings change from DHCP to Static
6. scroll down and now you can change the IP address.

The IP Address should be something like The last number can be changed. I recommend changing it to a high number like 50. This way there won t be any accidental IP address conflicts.

You can do all that I just told you or you can simply hook up a USB cable and be done with it. But that’s not the Nerd way. Enjoy.

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