I’m thankful for family, not work

28 Nov

I’m thankful for a lot of things. I have a home, transportation, and plenty of food to fill my tummy. Today is Thanksgiving, and for me its not all about the food. I dont particularly like turkey. Today, for me at least, is about getting to spend time with family. I’m excited that my family is here with me. What im not so exccited about is the fact that i have to work tonight at 7pm. I think Black Friday is ridiculous. stores like mine started their Black Friday sale on monday. so whats the point on coming out at 2 in the morning to buy shoes that you could just as easily get the next day. These big companies are all about the numbers. so last year we opened at Midnight. this year they are expecting that we open at 8pm. Why? because they know we are going to need 4 extra hours of selling if we hope to even compete with last years numbers. For that I am not thankful for. However, I’m thankful that I am commission. So at least the company I work for wool be greatly compensating me.

Hope every one else has an awesome thanksgiving. Be safe.

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