Battle over Google Glass etiquette erupts in another Seattle diner | The Verge

29 Nov


Check out that article on The Verge! That seriously happened! Here’s the skinny. Dude goes to eat at a restaurant they ask him to remove Glass or leave. So he does exactly what I would have done. He left! Good for him.

See that establishment is one if the more vocal against customers wearing Glass inside their restaurants. They claim that it’s about their customers privacy. Anyone could pull out their camera at any time and snap a picture or take a video. They say that action would be obvious to the surrounding people and they can get out if the way if needed.

First of all I have never paid attention to others at a restaurant. At least not enough to care if they’re taking a picture of their loved ones. And I’m definitely not going to jump out of my chair to get out of the picture. To me this sounds like the owner doesn’t want to take the change of someone spying on his employees. It’s a pretty fishy situation if you ask me.

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