Life After Eating… Spaghetti and Cheese

01 Dec


Leftover spaghetti is the best! The only thing better in the realm of food is leftover spaghetti with cheese! I just wish It didn’t give me such bad heartburn.

That’s my biggest enemy when deciding what to eat! Heartburn is a killer! I guess it is my body’s way of telling me I shouldn’t be drinking soda or eating fast food. I notice it’s worse when eating or drinking any carbonated drinks or processed foods. Eating non spicy foods like rice or steak seem to make my life after eating much better.

I’m at this point in my life I want to start eating healthier foods. By healthier I don’t necessarily mean dieting or low carbs. I’m talking about food were supposed to eat as humans. Not processed or frozen food, but real food. Red meat, fish, chicken, rice and greens, beans and other stuff grown from home.

I’m just frustrated that eating those healthy foods is very expensive compared to unhealthy foods. I also feel like food should energize you. Not the opposite. After eating I’m usually done for the night. Like no bed squeaking kind of fun. Not happening. No matter what though I’m not giving up spaghetti and cheese. Who doesn’t like spaghetti and cheese?

I am 267 pounds! I’m 6’2″. Eating healthier will only help me. I have a3 year old and I want to be able to play ball with him when he’s older. As long as we can eat spaghetti and cheese.

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