Coffee Makes Me Poop

05 Dec


This glorious morning I was able to sleep in because I don’t work until late today. My normal routine would be to shower, brush teeth, make lunch, then rush out the door hoping to be on time. Today however, I actually eat breakfast and enjoy an awesome cup of coffee. There is no rushing this morning… Except to the bathroom!

Why is it that every time I drink coffee I end up having to go number two? It’s like the coffee is a laxative to me. Maybe it’s the milk in it. I decided to see if anyone else was also having this issue. Turns out someone asked the same question I did. When it comes to bowel movements I’m very blunt, I find it hilarious. So does my three year old. Maturity was never my strong suit.

So why do I have to visit the toilet after drinking coffee? The reason is because of the caffeine in the coffee! Caffeine stimulates your large bowel to get everything moving. Which in turns tells you, “It’s time to go!” Eating breakfast should also do this for you as well. So apparently I have good pooping habits. Maybe I’ll just sit on the pot while I drink coffee and read the morning news… Or maybe I won’t do that. That’s a terrible idea, my feet would be asleep before I finished reading.

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