Worker’s Dying At iPhone 5C Supplier Pegatron

13 Dec


Worker’s Dying At iPhone 5C Supplier Pegatron

This is ridiculous! I feel like I work a lot. I hit 60+ hours ago the time. But a 15 year old doing it? I think with all the money Apple has that it should be investing in the companies that help make them so much of that money. There’s no way that a 15 year old passed for a 20 year old. There’s also no way that anyone should be working these kinds of hours. I get it though that not everyone is as fortunate as myself or even the people reading this blog. So working this hours is helping them survive and provide for their family. BUT AT WHAT COST? Working yourself to death helps no one in the long run.

It’s a tragedy that conditions like this even exist in this world. Even worse that a company as successful as Apple is constantly involved with companies that are abusing it’s workers. This is one of the many reasons that I don’t purchase any Apple products. I don’t know what other companies associate themselves with factories like the one mentioned in the link above. I hope companies like Google don’t, because it would definitely change my opinion about them. I like that Google and Motorola teamed up to manufacture phones in the US. That’s amazing that they were able to do that.

This isn’t really to bash Apple…. Haha just kidding. I’ll take any opportunity to talk down about Apple. Nothing to do with me being an Android fan. The company does so many things that are un-american. Well they better save the money they do have, because without Jobs the company is doomed.

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