Wearable Tech(I Want My Cake, All of It)

17 Dec


I have to say that my next tech device will probably be some form of wearable tech. I’ve been in the market for a watch, but just haven’t been impressed so far with what’s out there. The Pebble by far is the most amazing. Mainly because of how open it is as well as the amazing battery life. I like the features built into the Galaxy Gear. I see Samsung getting a lot of flack for that device, while personally I like it. But it can’t make it thru an entire day without having to charge it. Who wants a dead watch when they get off work and are headed to dinner with clients?

Yep I want my cake and eat it too. (That doesn’t make any sense, but I think you get what I mean.) I want a full featured watch I can take pictures with, respond to tweets, text and even answer calls on. I want all that and more than a days worth of battery. The tech just isn’t out for that to happen just yet, but it won’t be long until it is.

I’ve heard some of my friends’ opinions on the topic of having a camera on a watch or even Google Glass. It’s one that most don’t get. They haven’t put much thought into how useful it could be to have a camera that you don’t have to hold with your hands. For example, I had to climb under my car a few months ago and take pictures of my muffler. It was dark and I had to try and angle my flashlight just right as a struggled to also angle my big phone with one hand and capture the pic. I could have easily accomplished this with the galaxy gear. Not only that but my little boy is always doing something cute and by the time I go grab my phone and get the camera open he’s done. So I miss some opportunities to share my experiences of being a dad with family who are far away.

There are many other useful wearable tech ideas that are just now emerging. I’m excited to see this category grow and the startups take advantage of this area. What, if anything would you like to see in wearable tech?

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