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Google Motorola Lenovo Sale: Google was smart to sell at a loss | BGR

I don’t always agree with what has to say. But I believe they hit the nail on the head with this article. I think Google getting rid of Motorola Mobility was genius. While purchasing Nest, they have found the team that will fit right in at Google. Check the article out for the details. It explains how Google really didn’t take a 12 billion dollar loss

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Microsoft testing Windows 8.1 update that hides tile interface by default | The Verge

Well its about Damn time that Microsoft stayed listening to consumers. The Metro UI is a unique concept that is designed to easily flow from Mobile to Tablet to PC.  The problem with the interface in my opinion, (the main problem anyways.) is that it only works well for touchscreens. The majority of laptops and PCs Don’t have this functionality. With this update the metro UI will be disabled by default.

Check out the article above for more details about the update to come to Windows 8.

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Life Will Always Test You

I think life must want to test me. Last night after proclaiming my abstinence from alcoholic beverages for 30 days, my car decides it doesn’t want to make it home.

It’s 9:30pm, it’s 28°, snow is piled high on the side of the road. While driving I noticed my heater want blowing hot air at all. Then on my dashboard I notice that my car is way over heating. Without much thought I find a spot to pull over. I made sure to put my hazards lights on so that traffic would better see me.

Within minutes I figured out what the possible problem was, but with no real way of fixing the problem. Some how, the hose going from the radiator to my engine was sucked closed. Like a straw in a milkshake that isn’t ready to be drank yet. My overflow container was completely full of antifreeze. I let the car cool down for a few moments before I decide to open the radiator cap.
All this time I wasted letting the car cool down and I finally decide sheet about 30 minutes and a few conversations I should move my car to a safer location. Go to start my car and the battery is dead. My night just got more awesome!
Yep, life is trying hard. But you won’t break me! Now I got to find a way to get my car towed. Then scrounge up some money to fix it. I’m sure someone will poke fun about the fact that I drive a Mustang. Truth be told it’s been a great car. 13 years old, 200,000 miles, not a single major repair. This car has been good to me even though I’ve driven it hard. Make fun all you like about Fords, but my Mustang has been amazing. Can’t wait to get it back on the road and driving. 

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How To Make Xbox 360 WiFi

Back in July we moved into our new house. A nice quiet little neighborhood, right in the center of town. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that we had to get Time Warner Cable. I specifically asked if there were other Internet providers before moving in; I was told yes. That is untrue. Not that big of a deal, I just prefer DSL over cable when playing on my xbox.

For some reason the unit we moved into Internet couldn’t be installed in our living room. The connection didn’t work. However after some research, the cable guy was able to get intent working in my son’s bedroom. No biggie. I mainly use wifi. The problem I have now is that my xbox is not wifi, nor do I have a cable long enough to reach my son’s room. Here is my solution to that problem.

It’s very easy even a novice could do it. I basically found a way to share my laptops Internet connection with my xbox. It’s not always perfect, but it work pretty good.


There you are all done. What you just did was connect your wifi to your ethernet cable basically sharing your laptops connection with what ever device is connected to the ethernet cable. Enjoy hope this helps someone. 

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30 Days Without My Crutch

Growing up I had to go to counseling. I usually went twice a week. My parents were in the process of a divorce so the counseling was a necessary evil to help me process what was going on. One of the many things I learned about myself in therapy is that I have an addictive personality.

Flash forward 14 years and I totally get why they said that. I never drank alcoholic beverages until after I was 21. Ever since that first drink, it’s been rare that I go more than I week with out some sort of alcoholic drink.

I enjoy drinking while playing Call of Duty with my buddies, or while playing the drums. I think I’m a much better musician once I have a few drinks in me, I’m not over thinking every move while playing. There is some research that supports a person’s creativeness while under the influence. I also drink a lot while watching football.

Currently, my drinking doesn’t effect my life in a negative way. At least not yet. It’s never effected me working. It hasn’t effected my relationships with others. With the passing of my dad my emotional stability was not really there. I found that after a stressful day at work I was turning to alcohol to make me feel better. I am using alcohol now as a way to enjoy my night.

Two weeks ago while the San Francisco 49ers lost to Seattle I was heated. I was very mad and disappointed that my team lost a game I felt they could have won.  I finished a 12 pack of Yuengling.


The next morning I stayed thinking about how just a few years ago I would not have been able to remotely drink that much and be OK. It was my sign. For me this is the straw that broke the camels back.

I thought about my dad, and how he drank when he was angry or stressed. I feel right into the same pattern so easily. I miss my dad so very much. I can’t quite grasp the fact that he is gone. That when I text him that he won’t answer me. And no matter how much I drink and try to avoid the terrible realization that he’s gone, nothing is changing. He’s not here, and I’m no further in processing that fact.

So as of today January 30th, 3:36pm I am going 30 days without a drink of alcohol. That includes the Super Bowl, which will be hard for me. I don’t think that I am an alcoholic, but then again what alcoholic does? I feel like drinking in moderation is not a problem. So taking a break will help me achieve that.
Let’s see how hard it really is to achieve this. If I’m not addicted like I think then it should be easy. Stay tuned to find out. I’m also reviewing an android app that I use for other things in my life that might be able to help me with this goal.

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I am now four years sober.

The War on Loneliness

Over the weekend, I hit the fourth anniversary of the day that I stopped drinking. I am now four years sober! Woooooooooooooo!

It is pretty weird to me that I don’t drink. I know lots of people who do. And I spend a lot of time with them while they’re drinking. But I still don’t do it. It’s, like, this major decision that I made and that I now stick to unswervingly regardless of circumstances. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be a Christian?

I guess we all gain new identities along the way. Like, I am also a queer person (still equally weird to me, by the way). And a Democrat (sort of). And an atheist (sort of). And a science fiction writer (sort of). All things that I, in some sense, chose to espouse.

I remember four years ago, when I first quit drinking…

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Zero to Hero – It’s Never Too Late to Start!

The Daily Post

One-third of the way into January, Zero to Hero participants have already published multiple posts, customized their themes, made connections with other bloggers, and started racking up likes, comments, and followers — and we couldn’t be more excited.

If you’ve just joined or just learned about Zero to Hero, it’s never too late to get started!

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