New webOS leak offers details on unreleased hardware and software | PhoneDog

03 Jan


Does anyone remember WebOS? If you do then check out the article above. It’s nothing mind blowing, but I thought that once HP had shut down WebOS that it was dead for good. Hopefully my assumption as well as most others is wrong. LG purchased webOS from HP and is developing a smart TV with the card UI. This should be shown off at CES.

While Windows Mobile was my first smartphone webOS changed the game for me. I was always flashing ROMs and having to reinstall everything. With WebOS wiping the device wasn’t necessary. All you had to do was install a patch to modify whatever part of the OS you wanted. Compared to current devices WebOS would be lacking in many areas. The only reason I moved away from the Palm Pre is because my son was about to be born and wanted to be able to take video. That is the point that where I left WebOS and began my journey with Android. The HTC Hero was my first device.

I’m a huge fan of Android and I love my S4. That being said I like WebOS UI better and if a full featured device were to be released would definitely Italy consider switching. What about you guys? Anyone here ever had a WebOS device? What was your experience with it?

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