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10 Jan


I love these kind of posts. I thrive off of conversations like they are having over at You should read the article before reading on. But I’ll summarize for your convenience. Brad basically says that he’s tired of having Google+ shoved down his throat. He goes on to talk about how Google+ is a crappy and inferior social network to Facebook. So this guy obviously isn’t a fan of Google+.

Right now this dude, Brad is going against the grain. I would equate him to Miley Cyrus in attention seeking ability. He’s getting that website a decent amount of traffic as the topic is a pretty heated one at the moment. Normally I would say, it’s all a matter of opinion and we all have our preferences. This time I’m just going to flat out say that Brad is wrong. I’m also going to go on to say that currently Google is inferior to… Well, no one. With the click of a button they could wipe out from any search terms destroying the traffic. That’s power. (off topic, sorry)

So many times I read about bloggers, techies, Google fanboys, and many others comparing Google+ to Facebook or Twitter. That’s a hard thing to compare. Twitter can’t compete with the features of Google+,  because it’s not the same. Twitter is great at what it does. But it is not Google+. Facebook, as a whole has a mass audience and is in my opinion only still relevant because of the games that tie into it. It’s gone from a college student social network to a social gaming network for all ages. Over half my stream is riddled with game related posts. I honestly can’t tell you why I even have Facebook. I barely use it and when I do its just to double post what I’m posting on Google+.

Google+ is much more than a social network. It’s Google’s way of tying all of its services together in one. Google+ is your one stop shop for your entire social presence. So many articles being written that you have to use a Google+ profile to do anything now whether to review a restaurant or use YouTube. That’s just not the case at all. Do you need a Google+ profile tied to your account? Yes. Does it have to be your name or have any information about you? No. It doesn’t have to be public or have pictures. You flat out don’t have to use it.

I’m not here to write about why Google+ is better than Facebook. There’s too many people out there that know way more about those details then I do. But Google is good at what it does. A few years ago I could not have imagined the things Google has accomplished. They basically took everything I did on my PC and put it on my phone. They went one step further though, what ever it is I’m doing on my PC it’s transfered right to my phone or to anyone else I choose it to go to. It’s seamless and like people say of Apple products, it just works. Now I don’t agree with everything Google does, they’re in a big transition and there’s going to be hiccups.

Call me a fan Boy if you like. I’m not 100% sold on Google. I’ve contemplated many times getting my own hosted email and looking for alternative services to Google. Again Google has great services at a price you just can’t beat. Everyone complaining about free services STFU.

There, that’s my opinion on the subject. Come at me bro! Lol

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