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10 Jan


Google is moving toward the my side of dislike. This action is comparable to the Crap that Facebook pulls over its users.

Here is the basics of what’s going on. Google is working on unifying all their services with their social network Google+.  One of the recent changes that went live today is the ability to send some one an email without knowing the email address. Thus is actually nothing new in the world of Google+. I can create a circle on Google+ that every time I share a post with that circle they will get an email notification. The change though – it’s a big one IMO – is that now you don’t even have to know the person. So now anyone, even people I don’t know can send me emails. This is one security flaw away from email addresses of every Google+ user being exposed.

I can see how some people may like this new feature. That’s Google MO. Create things that are versatile and that everyone can use. But this feature is turned on by default and your average user has no clue that this is happening or how it works. So check out the article below for assistance in turning this feature off if you’d like to do so.

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