The Dyconn X4 Extended Battery For the Galaxy S4

10 Jan


I’m not usually big into cases and I’ve never spent much money on them. I try to just take care of my phone. A few weeks ago I was checking out Flossy Carter’s YouTube channel. His Review of the Dyconn X4. I was very intrigued.  I had already been looking at mobile external power devices. But I just couldn’t bring myself to have to carry another piece of hardware around with me. And…. I have the Galaxy S4 which already had good battery life. However, I would classify myself as a power user. I’m constantly doing things from my phone. I rarely ever use my laptop or any other device. So even with a good battery I’m only getting 8 hours of usage on a single charge.

The Dyconn X4 seems a perfect fit for what I’m looking for. It’s not quite just an extended battery. It’s a 3000 mAh battery that clips onto your Samsung battery. It comes with a case that looks pretty nice. I’ve had multiple people ask me now if I got a new phone. It’s not much thicker then any good prove time case. It sits better in my hand now. The one and only thing I don’t like is how slippery and smooth it is. I’d like it if the edges were rubber or had some sort of grip. I’ve already dropped it once because if this. Thank God it was on carpet.

Battery life though is amazing. I went 1 day and 4 hours yesterday. And that was with me trying to kill my battery. Tomorrow I’m going to stress test this thing. Going to turn on all my apps to sync constantly and see what happens. Then I plan to conserve battery, using apps that place my phone into deep sleep, turn on Juice defender and other apps like that. And see what the difference will be.

One last thing. Build quality, I can’t say for sure how tough this thing is as it seems flimsy. It feels like it would crack or break if dropped. Which hasn’t happened yet so who knows. But just be careful. You can check out their Website here: Dyconn X4 there isn’t a way to purchase it on their website, but I grabbed mine from Amazon for $40.

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