New Year’s Resolution

21 Jan


(This is a late post.)
It’s a new year…. Yay! OK, that was a sarcastic “yay.” Seriously though, it’s nothing more than another day on a calendar system humans created. However, we celebrate it and with it come many traditions. From lighting fire works and banging pots and pans, to drinking alcohol and partying, to setting new years resolutions. Most activities are forgotten by the next day, we have alcohol to thank for that. New Year’s resolutions however, tend to stick around just a little longer. What’s your New Year’s resolution? Is it the typical lose weight, eat healthier, get more sleep kind of resolution?

This year I’m switching it up a little. Most people fail their new years resolution within the first thirty days. My goal this year is to step away from my social networks and focus more on my personal relationships. Last year at a concert I spent more time posting pictures, tweeting, and texting friends then I did listening to the music. When my son is doing something cute I end up spending too much time fumbling around to find my phone trying to capture it that I miss the moment.

This doesn’t mean I’m abandoning my social networks or that I’m going to stop writing. It means I’m going to do less of it and none of it when I’m with my family. I think for me this is healthier then changing my eating habits.

Think about how much you live on your phone. Your phone is supposed to be an accessory, a device to assist you in making life easier. Not missing out on life.

If you are like the many and have multiple new years resolutions you are trying to maintain the best way to achieve them is to develop new habits. Stick around as I will be writing a review on an app that will help you achieve your goals. I know it totally contradicts my goal, but it may be useful to you guys.

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