Life Will Always Test You

31 Jan

I think life must want to test me. Last night after proclaiming my abstinence from alcoholic beverages for 30 days, my car decides it doesn’t want to make it home.

It’s 9:30pm, it’s 28°, snow is piled high on the side of the road. While driving I noticed my heater want blowing hot air at all. Then on my dashboard I notice that my car is way over heating. Without much thought I find a spot to pull over. I made sure to put my hazards lights on so that traffic would better see me.

Within minutes I figured out what the possible problem was, but with no real way of fixing the problem. Some how, the hose going from the radiator to my engine was sucked closed. Like a straw in a milkshake that isn’t ready to be drank yet. My overflow container was completely full of antifreeze. I let the car cool down for a few moments before I decide to open the radiator cap.
All this time I wasted letting the car cool down and I finally decide sheet about 30 minutes and a few conversations I should move my car to a safer location. Go to start my car and the battery is dead. My night just got more awesome!
Yep, life is trying hard. But you won’t break me! Now I got to find a way to get my car towed. Then scrounge up some money to fix it. I’m sure someone will poke fun about the fact that I drive a Mustang. Truth be told it’s been a great car. 13 years old, 200,000 miles, not a single major repair. This car has been good to me even though I’ve driven it hard. Make fun all you like about Fords, but my Mustang has been amazing. Can’t wait to get it back on the road and driving. 

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