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How Many Apple Devices Will We See At The Olympics

Samsung amuses me! Looks like they are being very generous in giving every Olympian a free Galaxy Note 3. Some where in the fine print, Samsung says that if they still choose to use an Apple device that they must cover up the Apple logo. This is Samsung’s way of making sure that it is the only mobile phone brand that is seen. This has to a very expensive way of advertising. I must say, I’m a little jealous. I want a Galaxy Note 3. Even though I am very happy with my Galaxy S4. When watching the Olympics I cant help but to look for any Apple devices. Lets see how many we can spot…

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If you haven’t played the game Flappy Bird yet, there’s not much you’re missing, but that’s because it has to be one of the most basic games ever. It’s similar to those 2D runner games like Run And Gun Nuns. However, there’s only one button. Tap the screen to flap your wings. You need to keep flapping/tapping and attempt to make it between two pipes.

It sounds like it would be easy. It’s not do simple to complete. My best is only 72. I can’t stop though. It’s one of those games you could just pick up when you have a few minutes to burn. I recommend checking it out. It’s free in the play store.

Flappy Bird

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Super Bowl Family Traditions

This will be the first Super Bowl I watch that I won’t have a single alcoholic beverage. I’m making it a bigger deal than it really is. I’m looking at this from a perspective of health. Drinking heavily is terrible for my health. So is buffalo wings and chips and dip and soda. Working on one thing at a time.
Throwing somewhat of a Super Bowl party. Going to have friends and family over.

This got me thinking about traditions. Do you have any? I do not. My family has nothing that it does every year together. I guess it’s strange in comparison to some of my friends. Maybe that’s how my family is unique from others. We find different things to do each year.

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AT&T unveils new affordable family plan – IntoMobile

Check out this new plan on AT&T. It’s a little cheaper then what they currently offer. The main difference is that this new plan only offers 10GB instead of 15GB per month. Then you also aren’t eligible for discounted prices of phones. You have to either pay full price for a device or purchase an unlocked phone from somewhere.

While this plan looks enticing and I think it’s a step in the right direction for AT&T, phone plans are still expensive compared to off contact plans. Personally I’m waiting for my contact to run out so that I can test Straight Talk out. I want to see how the coverage and data speeds compare to AT&T’s. I also want to see if they start throttling my data speeds after 5GB of usage. As it stands now we have 5 phones on a family plan with a shared 15GB of data. So I can use about 4GB myself as my wife barely his 2GB. Switching to Straight Talk would save me $15 a month and actually let me use more data. Hopefully it works well.

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