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Caught red-handed: HTC has been boosting HTC One M8 benchmark Scores

Check out this article… For the majority of people, no one cares about this. Even myself, I careless about these benchmark scores and more about how the device operates day to day. But these companies trying to deceive us is terrible! If all is true this new HTC One is not that great of a device and needs to be optimized better. Just my opinion, but while HTC is focused on the look and feel of their phone, they need to work on enhancing the phones ability. Set yourself apart from the crowd.

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Naked Android

Ever since I’ve owned an Android device the first thing I do is root it and remove the pre-installed OS. I like the vanilla flavor of Android usually better then any skinned version eg TouchWiz. About a month ago I decided to strip my Galaxy S4 of all its mighty powers. Basically, I unrooted it and updated it to the latest software, Android 4.4.2. I figured that within a week I wouldn’t be happy  with my device without root and would go right back to an older OS. Here I am still using my GS4 and loving it just as much as i did the first day I got it. With a few tweaks TouchWiz really isn’t that bad. The device works, it’s fast, apps load smoothly, the battery life is great, and I like the TouchWiz camera app better then Googles.

What I am trying to say here is that Android is finally maturing enough, that geeks like me don’t have to modify the device to be able to use it to its potential. Now let’s not get crazy, as soon as I find a way to root my GS4 with 4.4.2(root for this update is currently unavailable without going back to an older version of the OS.) I will. Here’s why though… I don’t think that I need to install a different ROM like CM11 or LiquidSmooth, but there are some tweaks that can be made to the GS4 to improve its capabilities. For example, battery life is already good, I get about 8 hours(I use my phone a lot and I don’t dim the screen) but I can get even more out of it with an app like TrickstersMod(a CPU governor.) With root access, also known as Super Users Permissions, I can get even more functionality out of Tasker. I can also remove the pre-installed apps that I don’t use, not just have to disable them. Having root access just gives me more options to customize the phone.

On a side note, I’ve been looking, watching, waiting for a device to get released that will grab my attention. So far nothing has. The HTC One looks nice, but I take a lot of pictures and the One doesn’t seems to be up to snuff in that category. The GS5 is a pretty lame upgrade compared to what I already have. And by that I’m not saying it’s not a good device, it’s just not worth a $500 upgrade. So for now I sit here enjoying my naked GS4. Can’t wait for Google to release Android Wear. God, this coffee has me all over the place today.

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Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit prices officially confirmed

So what’s the big deal about a $300 watch? I have multiple watches worth 3 times that. And all it does is tell time. Not very well at that. I have so many watches, that by the time I get done cycling through them, the date is wrong. My last watch I put on had a three day difference in it.

These Galaxy Gears do way more than tell the time. They are pretty amazing devices. The tech is new, so of course there will be faults and issues. Google has played it smart in taking their time in stepping into the wearable market. Hopefully, Google will listen to all the feedback consumers have been giving on the Web. I can’t wait to get a smart watch that is much more fashionable then the Pebble with Google Now on it.

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The Challenge Is Just Beginning

Today is exciting, I’m 1lb away from making my weight loss goal. I have 4 days left to reach that and I’m sure I’ll drop more then just a pound. It’s day 26 and I’ve lost 19lbs while doing the Whole30. It’s almost over. This journey started off fairly hard. Somewhere along the way, it stopped being a diet. It’s completely transformed the way I look at food.

I haven’t once worked out or done anything to lose weight other than begin to make healthy choices in the food I’m eating. Eating all that junk food was weighing me down quite literally. For now, eating this way is no longer tough. The speed at which I’ve been losing weight is great! It’s unsustainable, I know that and I know next month I’ll have to work harder.


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Got Pebble?


Yesterday I finally grabbed myself a Pebble. Now I wanted the new Pebble Steel, but that’s really out of my price range. Heck, the regular Pebble is out of My price range. Only reason I got my hands on this one is because I got it for $75.

For those that have no clue what a Pebble is, it’s a smart watch. It doesn’t have all the gadgets and gizmos that the galaxy gear has. It does what it’s intended to do very well. Notify. It’s an extension of your notification drawer. So what’s the point?

At first I didn’t understand how I would end up using this device. But not even 15 hours after acquiring it, it’s already come I’m handy. I’m a store manager and at work were not supposed to keep our phones on us. At the same time I need to have easy access to my phone as my employees are constantly texting whether it’s about their schedule or something work related. Having the Pebble has allowed me to keep my phone on silent in the back room and still get my notifications. Even while typing this on my phone I received 3 text messages in rapid succession. Instead of having to close my blog and go to the text app I was easily able to look at my wrist and see if any needed an immediate reply.

It’s definitely not something that’s needed, but it is nice to have. Anyone else around have a Pebble? How do you like it? How do you use your Pebble?

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Clash of Clans, Addiction

As a kid I used to play Age of Empire on my PC. I always wanted to play against other people and take over their village. Clash of Clans reminds me of that experience. Except now I can play it where ever I go and I can attack others for more loot. This game has been very addicting. My brother also plays so we team up to help each other out.

There are a few things I hope they change. I hope they find a way to incorporate the need to be in a clan. As of right now the only real benefit is a chat section for just your clan mates and getting extra troops. I’m hoping they can create tournaments like what Call of Duty Ghosts have. Put clans vs a group of similarly skilled clans and see who can get the most trophies in a designated time. This will generate lots of income for the game as ppl will be buying gems to speed up the barracks. Of course the prizes will have to be worth it. But its an idea I hope happens. I’m still a noob and learning the game. It’s definitely fun and I like the fact that even if you can’t get online every day you don’t lose everything you worked for. Check it out in the Play Store or in the Appstore.

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Why I’m Not On A Diet

I keep telling people that I’m on a diet. I explain it to them and have conversions about The Whole30. I’m 7 days in and now I realize, this isn’t a diet. My dad and others would say, “oh, you’re on the Atkins diet.” and at first I was replying with, “yeah, basically.” That is false. I am not on a diet, I am living a healthy lifestyle.

The Atkins diet is based around low carb intake. Super processed carbs, and low carb breads are perfectly fine on the Atkins diet. The entire reason you do the Atkins diet is to lose weight. That’s it’s focus and goal. The Whole30 is all about eating real food and it doesn’t matter how many carbs you intake as long as you consume them from quality sources.

I feel so much better after eating now. Last night I ate out for the first time since starting the whole30. Usually after eating at a Mexican restaurant, I feel very sick and end up going to bed. Hell, that’s after most meals. Last night though, I stuck to the guidelines and left there not tired and sick, but with energy. Truth be told I didn’t get to eat my favorite thing at a Mexican restaurant, queso dip. However, not being sick afterwards is well worth skipping the cheese.

This experience of feeling better after I eat is mimicked all day, not just at the restaurant. In general I’m feeling better. I’m experimenting with new foods and flavors. It’s cool and fun. I kinda feel like a kid again. Making tea and finding ways to make it taste better. Adding lemon to my water just to change it up a bit. I encourage everyone to at least try it. It takes effort and thought and planning. But you won’t regret it.

This isn’t a diet. I’m learning a new lifestyle. My relationship with my food is changing. This is my journey. Now I’m going to enjoy some raisins with my lunch.

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