Why I’m Not On A Diet

03 Mar

I keep telling people that I’m on a diet. I explain it to them and have conversions about The Whole30. I’m 7 days in and now I realize, this isn’t a diet. My dad and others would say, “oh, you’re on the Atkins diet.” and at first I was replying with, “yeah, basically.” That is false. I am not on a diet, I am living a healthy lifestyle.

The Atkins diet is based around low carb intake. Super processed carbs, and low carb breads are perfectly fine on the Atkins diet. The entire reason you do the Atkins diet is to lose weight. That’s it’s focus and goal. The Whole30 is all about eating real food and it doesn’t matter how many carbs you intake as long as you consume them from quality sources.

I feel so much better after eating now. Last night I ate out for the first time since starting the whole30. Usually after eating at a Mexican restaurant, I feel very sick and end up going to bed. Hell, that’s after most meals. Last night though, I stuck to the guidelines and left there not tired and sick, but with energy. Truth be told I didn’t get to eat my favorite thing at a Mexican restaurant, queso dip. However, not being sick afterwards is well worth skipping the cheese.

This experience of feeling better after I eat is mimicked all day, not just at the restaurant. In general I’m feeling better. I’m experimenting with new foods and flavors. It’s cool and fun. I kinda feel like a kid again. Making tea and finding ways to make it taste better. Adding lemon to my water just to change it up a bit. I encourage everyone to at least try it. It takes effort and thought and planning. But you won’t regret it.

This isn’t a diet. I’m learning a new lifestyle. My relationship with my food is changing. This is my journey. Now I’m going to enjoy some raisins with my lunch.

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